Gallim Dance Brings “Blush” to BAM

Gallim Dance in Andrea Miller’s “Blush”, photo by Franziska Strauss

Four years ago, Gallim Dance made waves in New York when it performed two pieces by Artistic Director Andrea Miller at Joyce SoHo. One was Blush, an evening-length work that explores the moment of blushing through powerful, emotional rawness and intimacy. Blush has toured worldwide, but sadly hasn’t been seen in New York since 2009. From May 21st through 26th, New Yorkers will have a chance to see it at BAM.

Four years after reviewing the piece, there are still many images and moments from Blush that have stayed with me. The work is chilling and sometimes frightening as the dancers shake and convulse and charge and pour every ounce of their beings into it. But they also invite you into their world, creating a very personal, intimate experience. With music by Manyfingers, Kap Bambino, Chopin, Arvo Part, and others, the emotional climate drastically changes.  It’s a thrilling, intense journey – one you’ll be glad you experienced. Below are some excerpts from the piece. You can buy tickets here.


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