Dance New Amsterdam’s Crisis

The unfolding of events regarding Dance New Amsterdam’s financial troubles has been disheartening, to say the least. DNA filed for bankruptcy in May, and announced earlier this week that they wouldn’t be able to pay staff beyond September 1st, at which point the organization would close its doors. Yes, staff would be receiving just a few days’ notice before being laid off.

For the past several days, DNA and many individuals in the dance community have encouraged friends to donate, with the hopes of reaching $50,000 by Friday. DNA posted on its website: “The money we are raising now is intended to help buy us some time so that we can continue to explore a long-term solution…” That hardly seems like a compelling case for donors. Rather than supporting DNA in its attempt to keep its doors open for a little bit longer, donations and energy could be redirected to support the artists, choreographers, interns, and instructors from DNA.

On Friday evening at 7:30pm, DNA shared the news that it had raised $50,000 and its doors would stay open beyond September 1st, though it’s unclear for how long until more money is needed. “This first $50,000 helps with some of our short-term obligations (and is the reason we can open next week), but this is just the first step…”. Until DNA establishes a long-term strategic plan, desperate calls for donations to cover short-term costs and to buy time are simply irresponsible.

You can read the full DNA updates about their financial situation here. Below are some links to articles.

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