Twyla Tharp Appointed Distinguished Guest Artist at Barnard College

Beginning this fall, choreographer Twyla Tharp (pictured at left) will be the distinguished guest artist at Barnard College, her alma mater. Tharp will be teaching master classes and leading workshops, as well as lecturing and working on projects between dance and other disciplines. 

In the press release, Barnard Dance Department co-chair Katie Glasner said, “Twyla’s work motivated my move to New York City as a young dancer, and I have no doubt that she will similarly motivate the next generation of developing artists through her work as we move into the 21st century.” 

Barnard students are incredibly lucky that Tharp will be sharing her talents with them through spring of 2015. She said, “I am pleased to return to campus, and I look forward to a year of exploration and collaboration with Barnard’s bright and talented students and faculty.”

Before arriving on campus this fall, Tharp will be at Barnard this Saturday at 4:30pm, leading a lecture-demonstration of her work Treefrog in Stonehenge. RSVP here. Barnard and Columbia students will be performing in the NY premiere of the work, along with pieces by Robert La Fosse and Andrea Miller, in this weekend’s Barnard/Columbia Dances at Miller Theatre.

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