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Culture’s (Mis)Use of Technology

Below is an excerpt from an excellent post by Seth Godin on the way Culture uses technology, and the challenge of getting “the good guys”, as opposed to the spammers, excited and eager to use new technology. Our Culture (high and popular) … Continue reading

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Gallim Dance in a K-Swiss Commercial

Gallim dancers Andrea Miller, Francesca Romo, Jason Fordham, and Moo Kim appeared in a K-Swiss commercial made by Andreas von Scheele. It looks like they had the freedom to incorporate a lot of movement from their repertoire. Some photos from … Continue reading

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Word of the Day: Criticaster

Criticaster [kri-ti-KAS-ter]: a minor, incompetent critic.  The ending -aster is used to form nouns referring to someone who is inept or unskillful in a certain sphere of activity, for example, poetaster, a person who writes bad poetry, or medicaster, a … Continue reading

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