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Jesse Eisenberg’s Mom Explains the Ballet to Him

Actor Jesse Eisenberg has written a Shouts & Murmurs column for The New Yorker called “My Mother Explains the Ballet to Me“. His mother, in fact, chastises him for much more than not knowing anything about the ballet they see. An … Continue reading

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Ohad Naharin’s Advice to Critics

Dance Magazine has posted Ohad Naharin’s acceptance speech at the November 9th Dance Magazine Awards.  Instead of offering thanks, he shared some advice for critics that is both insightful and humorous.  And how interesting to hear a dancer and choreographer … Continue reading

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Clive and the Craft of Criticism

Clive Barnes’ column in the December issue of Dance Magazine addresses the delicate and challenging work of a dance critic. Mr. Barnes, who died on November 19th at the age of 81, admits that he’s “developed a compassion for not … Continue reading

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Quotation of the Day

There is something wonderfully peculiar about the rush of reviewing live art, of translating a nonverbal, transitory form into the English language. How grand, and how strange, not to know what I think of something until I find myself writing … Continue reading

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